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    First and foremost, I hope this subject matter finds you and yours safe/healthy from the current COVID-19 crisis. As we all know, this pandemic is wreaking havoc financially on businesses of all sizes and cash-flow is in short-supply. The Bedford Team (new members to the ABC CT-Chapter) is a national firm specializing in tax-savings in (3) core areas…Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Depreciation…CRE Energy-efficiency…and…Business Research & Development. As the owner of CRE and/or a business (or working on behalf of a CRE/business owner), if you can answer “Yes” to the questions below, then there’s an opportunity that Bedford can generate significant cash-flow as part of your 2019 tax-return (which the deadline has been extended to 7/15/20, and technically longer if you file for extension):

    Core Area #1: Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Depreciation
    Bedford Service Provided: Cost Segregation Study (See Attached)
    1) Will (or) did you pay taxes in any one year between 2013 – 2019?
    2) Do you own CRE as part of a business-entity or personal portfolio (all real estate is considered CRE unless it’s your home residence)??
    3) Was the CRE placed in-service between 2000 – 2019 (built-new, acquired, or significantly renovated…does not matter so long as it was “ready for business” between these dates)???

    Core Area #2: Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Energy-Efficiency
    Bedford Service Provided: EPAct 179D Energy Study (See Attached)
    1) Do you own CRE (either built-new, acquired, or renovated) that was placed in-service between 2006 – 2019 that contains energy-efficient design in at least one of the three following areas: interior lighting, building envelope, or HVAC mechanical systems?
    2) Have you worked as a Contractor on a government building placed in-service between 2006 – 2019 that you could claim “Primary Designer” status on any one of the three energy-efficient systems described above?

    Core Area #3: Business Research & Development (R&D)
    Bedford Service Provided: R&D Tax Credit (See Attached)
    1) Are you currently, or have you in previous tax years, created or made improvements to any existing products, processes, or technology?
    2) Have you recently received or applied for a patent?
    3) Have you developed unique internal-use software?
    4) Have you used 3rd-party consultants to create or test new products or processes?

    My name is Frank Giudici and I’m Bedford’s NE Business Development Director. Prior to joining Bedford, I was Civil Engineer from WPI who worked in the Construction Management field for 12-years. Bedford’s experience, reputation, and insight nationally are invaluable and I would love the opportunity to discuss Bedford’s value-adds in more depth with anyone interested in learning more…stay safe!

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